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Krägga Herrgård | Stockholm Wedding preferred vendor

Krägga Herrgård is a Stockholm wedding preferred vendor. Im starting a series of preferred vendors. As a wedding photographer in Stockholm for the past 14 years I have lots of good ideas tips and help or brides and couples getting married here in Sweden. First Krägga Herrgård

Krägga Herrgård

Krägga Herrgård

Krägga Herrgård about a 45 minute drive outside Stockholm and Arlanda the present building in neoclassical style from 1840s and today Krägga is modern and comfortable but still inspired by traditional English and French interiors. Its salons , dining rooms offer a fresh and modern ambiance with careful details of today.

Katarina kyrka I Stockholm Wedding Church

A Stockholm Wedding favourite church is Katarina kyrka, at a recent visit on a preparation day ( a day when i check light wedding venue parking and emergency parking places !) at Katarina kyrka I noticed a model inside the church Katarina kyrka was rebuilt in May 17, 1990, the church burned down . Nothing but the external walls remained. Architect Ove Hidemark was in charge for rebuilding the church, which was reopened in 1995.

Wedding Church in Stockholm Sweden

Wedding Church in Stockholm Sweden



Bröllop platser i Stockholm Stallmästaregården

Stockholm’s oldest inn Stallmästaregården is a wedding venue as a wedding photographer that I really enjoy going to . Börje has a charming personality that makes all of his wedding run so smoothly. Stallmästaregården is contemporary comfort and an exciting historic past dating back to the mid-1600s. The popular restaurant is famous for its cuisine featuring its own charcoal grill, rotisserie and smokehouse.

Stallmästaregården Stockholm  Wedding Venue

Stallmästaregården Stockholm Wedding Venue

Stallmästaregården of today is a modern restaurant, hotel,yet retaining the timeless ambiance and traditions of genuine hospitality take a look at it Stallmästaregården är ett bröllop plats som ett bröllop fotograf som jag verkligen njuta av att gå till. Börje har en charmig personlighet som gör alla sitt bröllop löper så smidigt. Stallmästaregården är modern komfort och en spännande historisk förflutna med anor från mitten av 1600-talet. Den populära restaurangen är känd för sin mat med sin egen kolgrill, rotisseri och rökeri.

Yxtaholms Slott Bröllop

Yxtaholm Slott is about a 45 minutes outside Stockholm, a perfect wedding venue in Sweden for a destination wedding. Catherine who is from Australia , her guests all had made the long long journey Oz. I was really happy they saw Sweden at its finest … but not the morning weather though !
To visit the website of click here Yxtaholm Bröllop och fest på Yxtaholms slottsfest eller slottsbröllop

Wedding crasher photographer

My last wedding in Stockholm had an unexpected photographer. Im still in shock how someone can behave and dress like this at a wedding So Stockholm brides beware over who you hire for your wedding MWAC’s, partime weekend camera warriors , party snappers. This started a couple of days before with a phone call to tell me that this photographer was hired to photograph guests at the reception . I thought this a little odd she told me she was a friend of the family.
Madeline, the bride had called me days earlier asking for advice about the color of the petals for the guests to throw over them as they left the wedding , I suggested white or champagne colors, so I know this shot was very important to her.
IMO Im surprised how a church even let her in dressed the way she was . Luckily I was nt the only person that shared this opinium Brigitte Grenfeldt with 20 years of photographing weddings in Sweden was there for the next wedding after, as Brigitte entered the church she saw her sat in the aisle crawling around taking photos … she was disgraced and embarrassed for the wedding industry . Two of Stockholms wedding planners were there also equally angered and shocked. Just take a look at the shot below.
Im sorry for this rant but I was outraged at this, please couples , getting married in Stockholm or Sweden , take some advice from me hire a professional meet them and feel good who you will be spending you day with, wedding photos are for a lifetime not the weekend
Dont worry Madeline there are things we can do and I have some sensational shots of you two …