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cool stockholm wedding design

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Back in Stockholm after photographing weddings in London and Manchester.  I had one wedding at a tennis club , the other on a farm .  I really wish more couples in Sweden would think outside of the box when it comes to your wedding venue .  When I receive enquiries for weddings in Stockholm it is normally always the same venues.    There are some stunning wedding in Stockholm venues though.

How would you do this , start with the reception and this is where fun starts , then let your imagination  loose  with a theme playing around in your head. You know that you want your wedding to have a contemporary feel and so then choose a  colour of choice and then work on a contemporary looking save the date card wedding invitation . Here in Stockholm there are many very creative designers to help with your wedding design.   As a wedding photographer here in Sweden I have a large collection of wedding photos for ideas and inspiration.

cool stockholm wedding design

designer weddings stockholm






This weekend was wedding free so I went to Fjällbacka to visit friends and have a long weekend. On the way down to Fjällbacka I mentioned that I had photographed Camilla Läckberg and Martin Melins wedding two years ago. Camilla s books are set in Fjällbacka. So to my surprise as I walked into the house, the first thing I saw was my wedding photos in Camilla and Christian Hellberg s book ‘Fest Mat & Kärlek’ . Dan who’s house we stayed in has spent every summer in Fjällbacka and actually was a neighbour to Christian. I just couldnt sit still when I was there and couldnt stop taking photo’s … I even walked up to the church on Saturday afternoon to see if there was a wedding there.



gifta slott


Heldagsbröllop med Susie och James, som är från England.  De valde en slott  eftersom de har en koppling till trakten. Det var så vackert.  Men det var en väldigt regnig dag . Jag älskar foto Susie kom till kyrkan . Som fotograf är det alltid roligt att vara med en stor del av dagen så bröllopsbilderna blir till en dokumenter berättelse om det som händer. Är också väldigt kul att få vara med på bröllop med regn ibland .

Stort tack till Susie och James , familjer och bröllopsguesterna

gifta slott




dokumenter bröllop