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just a great time of year in Stockholm

Stockholm Bröllop

This is one of the best time of the year for weddings in Stockholm ,  trees in for bloom , millions of  apple blossoms  in white  clouds . There are many great locations for great wedding photography Rosendals Trädgård Djurgården , Näsby Slott ,  Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal , in  Djursholm Slott .

gifta sig

gifta sig

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Ulriksdals the new Ulriksdals


I love photographing at Ulriksdals at the church , the slott  and also at the Wärdhus .  A Midsummer bröllop Ulriksdals is really special.  Well the Wärdhus has become a little more special , they have added a fantastic balcony  overlooking the park .

Ulriksdals Bröllop

Ulriksdals Bröllop

Jag älskar att fotografera Ulriksdals vid kyrkan, Slott och även Wärdhus. A Midsummer BRÖLLOP Ulriksdals är verkligen speciell. Tja Wärdhus har blivit lite mer speciellt, de har lagt till en fantastisk balkong med utsikt över parken.


Ulriksdals Slott Ulriksdals Slottskapell Confidencen Brunnsvikens Trädgårdar Ulriksdals Slottsträdgård

Top award for Stockholm weddings

Top award at Högberga Gård  Wedding Bröllop Yesterday I found out that I was placed first in PDN’s contest . The photo had already been awarded twice, but this is the big one . It was for a photo that I took at Högberga Gård Lidingö last year . So thanks Darja, Dan and everyone at Högberga Gård who ran out with umbrellas … when this London rain came in at seconds notice .

award winning image at Högberga Gård

award winning photo at Högberga Gård

Top priset på Högberga Gård Bröllop Bröllop Igår fick jag reda på att jag var placerad först i PDN tävling. Fotot hade redan fått två gånger, men detta är den stora. Det var för ett foto som jag tog på Högberga Gård Lidingö förra året. Så tack Darja, Dan och alla på Högberga Gård som sprang ut med paraplyer … när denna London regnet kom in på sekunder varsel.


Näsby Slott Bröllop

Näsby Slott

I travel for my weddings most of the time England , US , Greece . However across the street from me there is a wedding location a wedding venue called Näsby Slott . It is the old naval military academy in Stockholm . When I first started photographing weddings in Sweden I would photograph in the castle all the time . I have photographed for many fashion magazines there , so it was so great that this past weekend I had Benny and Maria s wedding there . Näsby viken is the location infront of the slott.

näsby slott bröllop

näsby slott bröllop

Stockholmweddings Bröllopfotografs Ian Johnsson

vinterbröllop Stockholm

vinterbröllop Stockholm

Vinterbröllop Stockholm a winter wedding in Stockholm this past weekend had a few surprises for me one being Ulrica and Johan from my first winter wedding , it was featured in Amelia Brud och Bröllop Stockholm ten years ago .
Another surprise was Dagny and Frederic decided to practise their first dance of the ice på Stallmästaregården.

Vinterbröllop Stallmästaregården

Vinterbröllop Stallmästaregården


Wedding Photography Stockholm Sweden

Stallmästaregården Stallmästaregården