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Krägga Herrgård Bride

Krägga Herrgård is a wedding venue just outside Stockholm with an international reputation. I have visited Krägga Herrgård five  or six times to photograph weddings there, each time I visit Im greeted and welcomed by the fantastic staff their. In the next few weeks I will put out some stunning wedding photography from Krägga. This past weekend as you see I had a sensational couple to photograph Anna and Per … Anna radiated her wedding dress .. so meet Anna.

bröllop plats strax utanför Stockholm med ett internationellt rykte. Jag har besökt Krägga Herrgård 5 eller 6 gånger för att fotografera bröllop där, varje gång jag besöker Im hälsade och välkomnats av den fantastiska personalen sina. Under de närmaste veckorna kommer jag att lägga ut några fantastiska bröllopsfoton från Krägga.Giftemålsplatser . Den gångna helgen som ni ser hade jag en sensationell par att fotografera Anna och Per Anna strålade hennes bröllop klänning .. möter Anna.

Vinterviken Bröllop : Winterviken Wedding

Vinterviken or Winterviken on their website they have both. But what a great location to have a Bröllop/Wedding . Well it used to be called called Vinterviken then the old Nobel factory 1891 but now its Winterviken owned and run by Markus and Erika Aujalay and offers possibilities for all kinds of weddings ,events and parties. What an incredible day … Saturday the sun just shined and shined as did the bride and groom Mans and Abear. Both international travellers met in London but grew up 21km from each other in Lund and Malmo …. so why not travel to Stockholm for a wedding. Guests from around the world arrived battling the ash cloud and the British Airways air strike.

Stockholm wedding photographer award

Another award winning wedding photo from a wedding in Stockholm. This was a winter wedding. We all know what this winter was like very cold with a lot of snow. The wedding photo was special in another was way it was Anna Le Moine and Mattuis wedding Anna won the gold medal at the winter olympics for curling .
The award was from the ISPWP International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers
You can see more of their winter wedding here

Stockholm weddings revisted Vaxholm Kastell

Vaxholms Kastell – en perfekt arena för stora event . Thanks Pernilla for reminding me about Vaxholm Castle , in a way this was one of my first destination weddings and certainly a fave . Megan and Tobias ‘s wedding became the first none UK couple appearing in UK ‘s Wedding magazine . So i was a very proud wedding photographer ,Vaxholm Castle is one of Stockholm premier wedding venues and recommended for brides and grooms everywhere.

Vaxholm Kastellet Bröllop

Vaxholm Kastellet Bröllop


click here for more info . I f you want to see more sensational wedding photos form this Stockholm wedding venue contact me through the email link above.


Vaxholms Kastell – en perfekt arena för Stora evenemang. Tack Pernilla för att påminna mig om Vaxholm slott, på ett sätt var detta ett av mina första destination bröllop och definitivt en favorit. Megan och Tobias ‘s bröllop blev det första ingen brittiska par som finns i Storbritanniens Wedding magazine. Så jag var en mycket stolt bröllopsfotograf är Vaxholm slott ett av Stockholms främsta bröllop handelsplatser och rekommenderas för brudar och brudgummar överallt.



weddings in sweden

Swedish wedding customs. Every bride and groom from overseas that I meet that are getting married in Sweden. I warn them about two things ‘ the kiss ‘ and ‘ the wedding cake’ . For english, american , australian brides and grooms that are marrying a swedish half … they all think you will hear the words ‘ you may kiss the bride ‘ .. and see a wedding cake at the reception. Well I just saw this on wikipedia .. so now its official
In a Swedish church wedding, the priest generally doesn’t say when the couple may kiss each other, in contrast to Anglo-Saxon traditions. It is probably because the kiss doesn’t traditionally belong to Swedish wedding customs, but has relatively recently been associated with marriage

but here is a you may kiss the bride moment