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Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock

Hi there you Stockholm brides newlyweds, Stockholm Weddings is out there and interested in wanting you to wear your wedding dress one last time ? Im looking for ex brides or new ones for a Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock session

Also known as “fearless bridal” this type of wedding photography is shot after the big day and aims to embody fashion and glamour by contrasting elegant bridal couture with a edgy or rugged environment. Some brides don’t even let it touch the ground on their wedding day while they wear it. So here is a great way to have a session when you wont have to worry. The great thing about ‘Trash the Dress’ sessions is the stress-free nature of the photo shoot.
Its very popular in cosmopolitan US cities like New York, Miami and L.A. The idea is catching on like wildfire among young brides.
“Trash the Dress” is taking the wedding world by storm,take a look at this video clip from “Inside Edition”

English speaking priest in Stockholm

Saturdays Stockholm wedding at Djursholms Kapell was conducted by Revd Nicholas Howe. Nick is from the English church in Stockholm. Whilst we were waiting for the bride to arrive I noticed Nicks notes for the service, no mobile phones, Nick replied I have to do mine now … he had been waiting for his boys football match result. The ceremony went very very well many of the guests commenting on how good the service was, a perfect blend of english and swedish. I can highly recommend Nick for wedding couples wanting an english priest for their wedding in Stockholm or Sweden, he is very photographer friendly aswell.

Revd Nicholas Howe  Stockholm

Revd Nicholas Howe Stockholm

Anyone wanting to contact the English church or Nick can click here on this link English Church
Incidently Nick found out after the service that his son’s team had drawn their match 3 -3 ..better than the Swedish team did on Saturday.

fina platser för bröllop stockholm

10 fina platser för ditt BRÖLLOP i Stockholm

Best places to get married in Stockholm . Firstly I was struck by the headline, then read the article, does this mean brides and grooms in Sweden are choosing wedding venues and receptions to have their wedding ceremonies.
After reading the article I thought about my 10 favourites … not in order they would be Villa Pauli, Ulricsdahl, Näsby Slott, Opera Terace, Stallmastergården, Modern Musuem, Haninge Slott, Sma Dalara Gård, Grand Hotel, Millesgården, Cedergrenska Tornet, Berns … lastly just bought by new owners last year Gorvaln Slott, i went out there yesterday to do a preshoot check, a very cool wedding location in Stockholm.

10 Best places for your Wedding in Stockholm

10 Best places for your Wedding in Stockholm


Bästa ställen att gifta sig i Stockholm. Först slogs jag av rubriken, sedan läsa artikeln, betyder det brudar och brudgummar i Sverige väljer bröllop handelsplatser och mottagningar för att få sina vigslar.
Efter att ha läst artikeln tänkte jag på mina 10 favoriter … inte för att de skulle vara Villa Pauli, Ulricsdahl, Näsby Slott, Opera terrass, Stallmastergården, Modern Musuem, Haninge Slott, SMA Dalara Gård, Grand Hotel, Millesgården, Cedergrenska Tornet, Berns … slutligen bara köpt av nya ägare förra året Görvälns Slott, jag gick ute igår för att göra en preshoot check, en väldigt cool bröllop plats i Stockholm.

Stockholm Weddings whats hot [ ideas tips trends ] bridesmaids

Getting married in Sweden I dont think there is a worry here, The latest trend for weddings in the US among bridesmaids is that they are hiring personal trainers or attending bridal boot camps.

When interviewed about this, being very happy as a wedding photographer in Stockholm, I voluteered myself for anyone to come running with me, I run minium 6K a day, any bridesmaid or bride in Stockholm is welcome to join me. Sadly Stockholm Weddings wont be offering Bridal boot Camps as a service.

The wedding day comes after a lot of anticipation and preparation. The day is a special one for the bride since she has to look at her best on that day. Brides often go an extra mile to look their best for the wedding. The latest news is that the bridesmaids are also in a fitness spree to shape up for the big day.

                Ideas Tips Trends

Ideas Tips Trends