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Thank you Elle, Michael Jackson and Täby musikklasser

Elle my daughter sang at Nybrokajen last night. Täby musikklasser out did themselves again giving all the parents another great concert . The touching finale was a Michael Jackson song Heal the world.nybrokajen-venue

Nybrokajen is such a great venue it would be a perfect wedding venue, I would love to photograph a wedding there. The venue is Nybrokajen 11 and old concert hall opposite the Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern. The main hall capacity is 600 hosts mainly chamber music from all periods, with Swedish and international artists. Stallet, a converted stable, is an intimate venue they have dining facilities aswell for a wedding also.

Bröllopsfotografen meets Bröllopsfotografen stilbilds fotograf

Fotograf Johan Paulin came to my studio today, our daughters play on the same soccer team together shall i say undefeated soccer team in their U12 and U13 series. Johan worked on the movie Bröllopsfotografen photographing the stills. I remember him telling me about the film when they were shooting. They were filming locally at Djursholms Kapel . The film is about a wedding photographer coming to Stockholm , check out the trailer

Katarina kyrka I Stockholm Wedding Church

A Stockholm Wedding favourite church is Katarina kyrka, at a recent visit on a preparation day ( a day when i check light wedding venue parking and emergency parking places !) at Katarina kyrka I noticed a model inside the church Katarina kyrka was rebuilt in May 17, 1990, the church burned down . Nothing but the external walls remained. Architect Ove Hidemark was in charge for rebuilding the church, which was reopened in 1995.

Wedding Church in Stockholm Sweden

Wedding Church in Stockholm Sweden