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Bröllop platser wedding venues

Bröllop platser choosing a great wedding venue in Stockholm or anywhere, my last wedding was on a Stockholm rooftop . This year I have photographed weddings musuems , gardens , cafes and tents. I can give you some great ideas and tips having photographed weddings in Stockholm for 12 years now and can be your personal wedding planner.

Firstly, decide on your style, date and budget. They are very important details which will help decide what will work and what won’t . Thinking about this ahead of time lessens the stress and will make your wedding day a day of your dreams

Style and the theme give that some thought as to what makes you feel good. Idea of a formal sit down affair, could give you goose bumps of anticipation , then a pub could be to relaxed. Consider typical venues like hotels, castles, landmarks and restaurants, or consider gardens, historic homes or mansions, zoos, galleries or boats.

Choosing the date and the time , for outdoor weddings weather may play into consideration. And while some couples may yearn for a holiday wedding, this may be difficult for travel arrangements, catering options or in booking the site. Consider long holiday weekends for guests traveling a long distance.brollop-platser-stockholm

Bröllop Yxtaholms Slott Yxtaholm Flen

Yxtaholms Slott on Saturday I thought was going to be a rain disaster, the drive down through Stockholm Saturday morning I have seen so much rain on E4 … however as you hit the 110 area of the edge of Stockholm , I saw a blue sky … the day at Yxtaholms Slott was perfect, ‘ a perfect day for a bröllop ‘ and it was . More photos to come I know you are leaving for a Seychelles honeymoon, Catherine and Mattius.

Bröllop Yxtaholms Slott

Bröllop Yxtaholms Slott


Stockholm Weddings goes Stockholm SM wakeboarding.

Today I was at SM wakeboarding comp in Nynäshamn , as i have said before if I didnt photograph weddings photographing wakboarding and wakeskaters is pretty cool. If you get a chance get down and check it out.

Nynäshamns Wakeboardklubb, NWK, arrangerar svenska mästerskapen i wakeboard 2009. Tävlingarna kommer att gå av stapeln 14-16 augusti i Hamnviken i Nynäshamn. Nynäshamn är beläget i närheten av Stockholm och Hamnviken är en idealisk plats att åka wakeboard på. Dels för att den är skyddad för vind, dels för att åskådare lätt kan följa tävlingarna. Hamnviken ligger även på kort gångavstånd från pendeltåget. Fridag premiär för wakeboardfilmen “Out of the Pond”. Fest och spelning med Kalle Baah Middag och premiär för wakeboardfilmen “Stockholm Riders – in the capitol of Scandinavia”. Fest och spelning med Urban Tribe Stockholm.