Görvälns Slott | Bröllop with a little blue - Bröllopsfotograf Wedding Photographer Stockholm
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Görvälns Slott | Bröllop with a little blue

Görvälns Slott a wedding venue I often visited ten years ago I loved the place then , in recent years Görvälns Slott has new owners and now its even better a modern classic venue. A great venue for a Stockholm Wedding. Jenny and Kris had a touch of rain on their wedding day but couldnt take away the magic of this bröllop. Jenny told me me there would be many blue detail wedding ideas brollop-gorvalns-slott-fest
Letar ni efter en magisk plats att fira ert bröllop look at Görvälns Slott, this will be a very popular venue or bröllops platser in years to come.

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