Ice Hotel Sweden Jukkasjärvi - Bröllopsfotograf Wedding Photographer Stockholm
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Ice Hotel Sweden

Hotel Sweden Wedding Venue

Being the world’s first and largest hotel build entirely out of snow and ice, Ice Hotel Sweden is also the perfect wedding venue. Located in a small village in Northern Sweden, the hotel provides a magical experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Those, who are looking for a winter wedding, are in for a treat, as Ice Hotel is the only place, where the symbiotic experience of the icy interior and comfort offer a truly once in a lifetime wedding. Having a wedding photographer that is experienced in extreme conditions is a very good idea.

The Weddings at Ice Hotel Sweden

Being the prefect venue for a winter wedding, the Ice Hotel Sweden provides you with a variety of options. The Ice Church of the hotel is rather small, thus you have to consider its capacity. As it accommodates around 35 to 45 people, you should decide, whether or not you wish to include a Church in your winter wedding at the Ice Hotel Sweden. Moreover, consecrated by the Swedish Church, the Ice Church exists only between December and April, thus the planning time varies from a couple of months up to a few years. However, in the summer couples are able to get married either under the wondrous exuberance of the midnight sun or in the oldest wooden chapel in Lapland, called the Jukkasjärvi church. Furthermore, the Ice Hotel offers the possibility of a civil marriage in the mesmerizing Main Hall of the venue.

Prices and Availability

Although weddings at Ice Hotel Sweden are quite expensive, compared to UK weddings, there is a variety of packages offered by different travel and marriage agencies, which could benefit you. Moreover, having in mind the mesmerizing unique experience, the prices may even be considered quite affordable. While the Ice Hotel Sweden itself offers marriage planning services, you are free to have your own planner. However, you should note that, even though couples from all around the world, are able to book the Ice Hotel Sweden as a wedding venue, you should research exactly what documents you need, in order to do so. Note that, due to the uniqueness of the hotel, you should make your plans and bookings even earlier, as availability at times is quite slim.

The Frozen Wedding Experience

The Ice Hotel Sweden is a magical wedding venue and a definite recommendation for every couple, which wants their once in a lifetime moment to be truly unique. It is a place where your winter wedding love fairytale can come to life.


Unique in every sense of the word, the hotel has everything – from its own Ice Hotel Restaurant to an Ice Chapel. With its unreal surroundings of ice and snow, the hotel lets you share your vows in a place of true wonder. The atmosphere is incomparable, letting you fill the comfortably cool and icy décor with the romance and true love, which never melts. Simply imagining the chapel, entirely made of ice, with its own Ice Altar and pews, which are covered in reindeer skin, should give you an idea of how magical the weddings at Ice Hotel Sweden truly are.

icehotel church

Why Couples from Hong Kong and China choose the Ice Hotel for their wedding photography

It is seen that many people from Hong Kong and China travel thousands of miles to different European destinations to make their wedding memorable coming to the Ice Hotel is one of them China’s wedding industry is on a high ride as one of the most populated countries in the world, but travelling for a wedding in Sweden is all the rage.

Wedding is a beautiful union of two souls who vow to stay together forever. After a night in an igloo, Im positive it will be better. To make this union memorable couples spend hundreds of hours on wedding planning. 

Ice Hotel Sweden

You are aware of the newest trend that is winter weddings, you’ve probably heard of Ice Hotel Sweden. Being my coldest wedding at minus 32 degrees, it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, both for the couple and the guests. One of the most unique destination wedding venues I’ve ever visited, Ice Hotel Sweden should definitely be a top pick.