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Krägga Herrgård Bride

Krägga Herrgård is a wedding venue just outside Stockholm with an international reputation. I have visited Krägga Herrgård five  or six times to photograph weddings there, each time I visit Im greeted and welcomed by the fantastic staff their. In the next few weeks I will put out some stunning wedding photography from Krägga. This past weekend as you see I had a sensational couple to photograph Anna and Per … Anna radiated her wedding dress .. so meet Anna.

bröllop plats strax utanför Stockholm med ett internationellt rykte. Jag har besökt Krägga Herrgård 5 eller 6 gånger för att fotografera bröllop där, varje gång jag besöker Im hälsade och välkomnats av den fantastiska personalen sina. Under de närmaste veckorna kommer jag att lägga ut några fantastiska bröllopsfoton från Krägga.Giftemålsplatser . Den gångna helgen som ni ser hade jag en sensationell par att fotografera Anna och Per Anna strålade hennes bröllop klänning .. möter Anna.


Bröllop platser i Stockholm Stallmästaregården

Stockholm’s oldest inn Stallmästaregården is a wedding venue as a wedding photographer that I really enjoy going to . Börje has a charming personality that makes all of his wedding run so smoothly. Stallmästaregården is contemporary comfort and an exciting historic past dating back to the mid-1600s. The popular restaurant is famous for its cuisine featuring its own charcoal grill, rotisserie and smokehouse.

Stallmästaregården Stockholm  Wedding Venue

Stallmästaregården Stockholm Wedding Venue

Stallmästaregården of today is a modern restaurant, hotel,yet retaining the timeless ambiance and traditions of genuine hospitality take a look at it Stallmästaregården är ett bröllop plats som ett bröllop fotograf som jag verkligen njuta av att gå till. Börje har en charmig personlighet som gör alla sitt bröllop löper så smidigt. Stallmästaregården är modern komfort och en spännande historisk förflutna med anor från mitten av 1600-talet. Den populära restaurangen är känd för sin mat med sin egen kolgrill, rotisseri och rökeri.

Bröllop platser wedding venues

Bröllop platser choosing a great wedding venue in Stockholm or anywhere, my last wedding was on a Stockholm rooftop . This year I have photographed weddings musuems , gardens , cafes and tents. I can give you some great ideas and tips having photographed weddings in Stockholm for 12 years now and can be your personal wedding planner.

Firstly, decide on your style, date and budget. They are very important details which will help decide what will work and what won’t . Thinking about this ahead of time lessens the stress and will make your wedding day a day of your dreams

Style and the theme give that some thought as to what makes you feel good. Idea of a formal sit down affair, could give you goose bumps of anticipation , then a pub could be to relaxed. Consider typical venues like hotels, castles, landmarks and restaurants, or consider gardens, historic homes or mansions, zoos, galleries or boats.

Choosing the date and the time , for outdoor weddings weather may play into consideration. And while some couples may yearn for a holiday wedding, this may be difficult for travel arrangements, catering options or in booking the site. Consider long holiday weekends for guests traveling a long distance.brollop-platser-stockholm