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Jamie Oliver miss’s a great Stockholm Wedding

Earlier this month the producers of ‘ Jamie does Stockholm’ asked me whether I had a Stockholm Wedding this week, Saturdays wedding wedding would of been perfect a very international affair, Jamie Oliver also missed three beautiful swedish bridesmaids, in swedish they are brudtarnanabrudtarnan-yngre-kvinna-brud
If you need an Essex boy to come and taste some blinding grub please let me know Jamie.

Bröllop Ulriksdahl | Indian wedding in Stockholm

Ulriksdahl is one of those brollop-ladabrollop-ulriksdal-wardshusbrollop-ulricsdahl-slottindian-wedding-in-stockholm in Stockholm, that always inspires and you can always find a new place to photograph. Fred came to the same bridge with his school many years ago , so this was aspecial place for him and a perfect place to see Anna for the first time. It was across from Ulriksdahl Slott . The wedding ceremony took place at Ulriksdahl Slottskapell. There was a second ceremony an Indian hindu rice ceremony at Stallmastaregarden .

Wedding angel ? a woman laying down ? or just a cloud formation ?

I just received an email from someone that had seen a wedding video on You Tube I had done two years ago titled ‘Cool Wedding Video Stockholm Sweden’ … they said at 42 seconds into the video they see an angel … I just looked at the video myself and saw comments there, a comment also about a woman laying in the clouds …
The video is a bit low res as it was sent as an email attachment …. it was nice to see this again though a Bröllop at Krägga Herrgård.

Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock

Hi there you Stockholm brides newlyweds, Stockholm Weddings is out there and interested in wanting you to wear your wedding dress one last time ? Im looking for ex brides or new ones for a Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock session

Also known as “fearless bridal” this type of wedding photography is shot after the big day and aims to embody fashion and glamour by contrasting elegant bridal couture with a edgy or rugged environment. Some brides don’t even let it touch the ground on their wedding day while they wear it. So here is a great way to have a session when you wont have to worry. The great thing about ‘Trash the Dress’ sessions is the stress-free nature of the photo shoot.
Its very popular in cosmopolitan US cities like New York, Miami and L.A. The idea is catching on like wildfire among young brides.
“Trash the Dress” is taking the wedding world by storm,take a look at this video clip from “Inside Edition”