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stockholm winter wedding revisited

winter wedding revisited

Winter wedding revisited today after 5 years and 5 months Anna finally came to my studio and picked up her negatives .. yes negatives ! and cds . It was great looking through the images we took that crazy beautiful day. One image I remember was the tattoo Peter had the tattoo on the wedding day date an I do wedding band. We photographed the wedding at Näsby Slott the wedding ceremony was in Stockholm, remembering one crazy bröllop running around on the ice. . It was great to see Anna today and catch up and look forward to taking photos of her new family.

Stockholm wedding photographer award

Another award winning wedding photo from a wedding in Stockholm. This was a winter wedding. We all know what this winter was like very cold with a lot of snow. The wedding photo was special in another was way it was Anna Le Moine and Mattuis wedding Anna won the gold medal at the winter olympics for curling .
The award was from the ISPWP International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers
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