stockholm wedding crasher
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Wedding crasher photographer

My last wedding in Stockholm had an unexpected photographer. Im still in shock how someone can behave and dress like this at a wedding So Stockholm brides beware over who you hire for your wedding MWAC’s, partime weekend camera warriors , party snappers. This started a couple of days before with a phone call to tell me that this photographer was hired to photograph guests at the reception . I thought this a little odd she told me she was a friend of the family.
Madeline, the bride had called me days earlier asking for advice about the color of the petals for the guests to throw over them as they left the wedding , I suggested white or champagne colors, so I know this shot was very important to her.
IMO Im surprised how a church even let her in dressed the way she was . Luckily I was nt the only person that shared this opinium Brigitte Grenfeldt with 20 years of photographing weddings in Sweden was there for the next wedding after, as Brigitte entered the church she saw her sat in the aisle crawling around taking photos … she was disgraced and embarrassed for the wedding industry . Two of Stockholms wedding planners were there also equally angered and shocked. Just take a look at the shot below.
Im sorry for this rant but I was outraged at this, please couples , getting married in Stockholm or Sweden , take some advice from me hire a professional meet them and feel good who you will be spending you day with, wedding photos are for a lifetime not the weekend
Dont worry Madeline there are things we can do and I have some sensational shots of you two …

  • Peter Bruselid

    September 16, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    Ian, I think you are brave to point this out even if it’s a bit tough for the person in the pictures. And, I think you have just seen the beginning of it. As more and more couples getting married will hire non experienced or 0 budget photographers for their weddings I think your blog can fill up with lot’s more hilarious examples of what not to do/wear at a wedding if you are a professional wedding photographer.


  • Johan Svensson

    September 18, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    Someone forgot to mention to her it was a WEDDING?

  • Petra Hall

    September 21, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Ian, I’m sorry to butt in on this rant. I don’t mean to defend this person and her behaviour, as i wasn’t there. Plus I don’t have an opinion if she’s dressed badly or not (taste is like butt cheeks, it’ divided 😉 and she was at least not wearing jeans and having a snusdosa in her pocket). What I reacted on is that if she was hired by the couple to shoot during their wedding day; couldn’t you — as two professionals —discussed between you on how to work together? I.e. tell her to make sure to keep an eye on you so she wouldn’t be caught in your frame during the parts of the wedding you were hired for, so you both could do your job that you were both hired to do?

    And I agree with Peter, we’ll see more and more “wedding paparazzi” – at least I try to keep them on my side, so they aren’t in my frame.

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