wedding photojournalistic photographer Stockholm Sweden
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wedding photojournalistic style | with a touch of fashion

Fashion in weddings , last week in London I met a couple for a 2010 wedding referred by their friend Sally the ex art director of Weddings magazine, Sally joined us. Sally gave me compliment that I had never heard before by saying ‘ Ian has the amazing ability to find fashion in every wedding he shoots, no matter who the couple are. Every wedding he sent to us we could publish ‘

Stockholm Wedding Photographer Ian Johnson

Stockholm Wedding Photographer Ian Johnson

What is a wedding photojournalist if you go to Wiki A wedding photojournalist is a photographer who photographs during a wedding using a style where images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion. Wedding photojournalists present the story of the day through their photographs. A wedding photojournalist typically shoots images quickly using available light .

Wedding photojournalists consider themselves storytellers. Most wedding photojournalists value shooting techniques . The goal is to be unobtrusive as possible while capturing the moment, the reality of the event with little interference. They focus on finding moments during a wedding , moments the wedding couple cant see that happen naturally.

As a Stockholm wedding photographer what is my style ? simple wedding photojournalist with a fashion edge

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