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a friend in Los Angeles

Celebrity weddings not really , memories of great days in Los Angeles though , over the weekend I had a pleasant surprise, not having a wedding in Stockholm or anywhere. Its was kids and fun weekend … when checking out some trailers on itunes .. I saw a very good friend of mine Lou Herthum was in a latest release he was starring in a movie with Tommie Lee Jones In the Electric Mist. Lou I have known for many years a great dedicated actor, back in the eighties we worked at Cafe Figaro on Melrose, Los Angeles, and have been friends ever since , lou-herthum-actor-electric-mistlike myself a boxing fanatic, wow how many hours did we used to hit that heavy bag … BTW Lou I still have my same original bag .. it still has your fist imprint embedded.

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  • Louis Herthum

    March 11, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Hey Mate… thanks for the promotion! I miss those days.. they were grand! Take a shot at that old bag for me!

    You fans of the site (and Ian) may know him as as an easy going man who takes beautiful photos.. but don’t let him kid you… he can bang with the best of them!

    Great to be in touch Ian!


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