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Wedding photographers in Sweden Ian is a top wedding photography, a fashion photographer from Los Angeles with a background of celebrities actors. Winner of many wedding photography awards including first place in  ‘ Top Knot ‘  wedding photographer awards from ,WPJA,  ISPWP,

Wedding photography is really an art.  To create beautiful portraits of the bride, bridegroom, their families and friends, you need more than good equipment and hard work  you need to be born a photographer some have it some do not . Understanding all  the wishes of the bride and groom before  the wedding  is so important , the plans the wishes the ideas the dreams of what the wedding photos will be like .   However there are many things for a wedding photographer to think about on the day and having experience is so important .

A wedding day is a very important day in a couples lives, and their family and friends. So as a photographer  we must remember that the photographs  must try to tell all the stories that are happening.  So the wedding photographer must be aware of all events, and try to  be as invisible as possible.

The group shots should be fun . Most couples have the vision of this from other friends weddings, where a photographer is photographing group after group.   My thoughts are the couple should be enjoying this time  mingling with  family friends.  I try to photograph the groups in sections … and take four at a time  …so working in  harmony with the wedding , responding to each and every person and each and every happening with sensitivity and skill.  The perfect wedding photographer is just as important as taking the perfect photographs and this is why wedding photography is such demanding and exhausting work.

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Which wedding photographs will be remembered the natural  one s the secretly captured moments  that depict the wedding  really  are the best wedding photographs. Overly styled or posed photographs will  be less meaningful. Look at  wedding photographs you have seen of your parents, grandparents and the joy they represent ,family and friends at weddings smiling, laughing, or crying at wonderful moments in their lives.

The wedding photographers in Stockholm when I first arrived here in Sweden  most photographed weddings in a studio, I wanted to change and challenge wedding photographers in Sweden, my first ad said ‘ Weddings with Life ‘  So now 15 years later most are photographed that way. A trend now with wedding photographers in Sweden in photographing weddings for themselves and wedding blogs  and not the wedding couple I have seen some contemporary wedding photographs with nothing more vintage actions,  silhouettes of a bride and groom , or couples appearing around trees  tree,  These wedding  photographs could be of anyone and really missing the whole principle of wedding photography,  capturing a couple and two families coming together, show the story , show  something personal and something real.

A beautiful wedding photograph represents  a real moment and should be remembered for a lifetime and now.

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The one thing that a wedding must have is a good wedding photographer. You could have a wedding without a lot of bridesmaids. You could even have a wedding without having to engage the services of the top swedish wedding planner or without using the best of Sweden’s wedding venues.  A wedding is an occasion that needs to be documented for future reference; it is a memory that needs to be preserved and the one way to do that effectively is by photography.

Seeing as the wedding photographer you choose could make or break your wedding memories, it is important that you are aware of how to choose the right one and what you can expect from them.  The first step may be picking the right photographer out of very many listed ones in your area. The one easy way to shortlist a few is by visiting their websites and getting a sense of their style of photography. This way you can easily see which photographer will easily blend in with your wedding plan and one whose style of photography is complimentary to the general theme of your wedding.  Your wedding planner if you have one can really be helpful because their job is to understand your wedding theme and make sure that everything else fits the mould.

Once you have been able to narrow down your choices in photographer, you want to take care of the minor details such as how many photos can the photographer provide you with on the budget you have. This is important because you will want to capture particular moments and must assign the number of photos you will get to the various moments. It is also important that you meet with your Stockholm wedding photographer before the wedding so as to be able to work out the details and come to an understanding in regard to exactly what you want.

Another reason you want to meet with your photographer as often as possible before the wedding is to cultivate trust that will be essential if you want your wedding photos to be as natural as possible. You want to be able to trust that your wedding photographer will understand what you want and be able to capture the moment in a way that appears completely natural. Many photographers will already know how to achieve this, but your input will still be necessary in order to achieve a spectacular wedding album.

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