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alternate royal wedding in sweden

The Swedish royal wedding in Stockholm of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling is one week away . But there is an alternate wedding in Sweden on June 18th. PotatoPotato a Malmö-based art network decided to be apart of the royal wedding fun and organise their own mass wedding under the theme kinda cheaper, not as good and with a twist you wont know who you are marrying until the day the hopefuls will not know whom they will marry until the day PotatoPotato are a network of artists in Malmö . This wedding photographer would love to be there.
So you want to get married but could not decide with whom? Let chance to do it for you when PotatoPotato arranges a wedding for the people on 19 June 2010.
But the happy days do not last forever. The very day after the wedding the couples go their separate ways again (the divorce papers are signed when registering). If there is any couple that really takes a liking to each other, they can always remarry!
Registration takes place at or days at enrollment to be held in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm in late April and early May. Wedding Guests must register.
For legal reasons, ONE HAS TO BE OF SWEDISH NATIONALITY to participate in the wedding. However, one can always come as a guest.

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