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Getting married in Sweden

Getting married in Sweden , you might want to have a rethink about choosing Landskrona for your destination wedding.
David Landes at The Local an english newspaper in Sweden reported . To read the entire story clink on the link.
Swedish town restricts ‘immigrant weddings’

here are a few paragraphs that will raise some eyebrows

A politician from Landskrona has said only one “immigrant wedding” can be held at the town’s local community centre every month.
“We don’t want to have too many,” Lars Svensson, the centre’s manager and Social Democratic member of the Landskrona local council, told the local Helsingborgs Dagblad (HD) newspaper.

Svensson then went on to explain what he meant by the term “immigrant wedding”.
According to Svensson, the policy comes following repeated complaints about the noise and untidiness associated with “immigrant weddings” held at Landskrona’s Folkets Hus. Svensson doesn’t see any problem with limiting the number of immigrant weddings, claiming he is simply doing his best to maintain a balance that reflects the makeup of the community.

“We try to avoid discrimination. But the alternative is prohibiting these parties altogether.”

Svensson told Local resident of ten years Habib Ramadani, originally from Kosovoa , hoping to be able to rent out the community centre’s great hall.
“He said, ‘ not for you, you all throw cake on the floor instead of in your mouths,’” .

“It’s those who live in the city. There are quite a lot of Kurds and Palestinians who get married. There’s something about having an oriental background; there can be between 400 and 500 guests,” Svensson explained, adding that “European immigrant groups” aren’t included in the term..

Having already sent out hundreds of invitations to guests around the world, Ramadani offered to pay professional cleaners to ensure the hall would be spotless following the event.

According to Ramadani, Svensson also claimed that “immigrant weddings” require advance payment because people who arrange them don’t share “our norms” when it comes to paying bills.

Svensson told the newspaper that the community centre has been criticized by accountants for accepting payments for “immigrant weddings” in cash, often in large sums the day of the event.

“We’ve discussed this a lot. The accountants say ‘either send a bill or pay in advance’. But we probably wouldn’t have received any money. Those who arrange weddings don’t abide by our conditions, by our norms. They come with wads of bills in their pockets,” he said.

Jimmy Choo shoes at HM

Stockholm brides good news Jimmy Choo is at HM tomorrow. HM is working with Jimmy Choo a brides favourite.
Jimmy Choo comes to the Stockholm and H&M launches shoes and clothes line this weekend.
the name that is now synonymous with brides shoes , it’s hard to believe that twenty years ago, nobody knew who Jimmy Choo was. Malaysian born shoe maker ran his bespoke footwear business at former hospital in Hackney and now has impressive portfolio of well-heeled clientsjimmy-choo-shoes-hm-bride
Jimmy Choo comes to the Stockholm and H&M launches shoes and clothes line this weekend.

Wedding angel ? a woman laying down ? or just a cloud formation ?

I just received an email from someone that had seen a wedding video on You Tube I had done two years ago titled ‘Cool Wedding Video Stockholm Sweden’ … they said at 42 seconds into the video they see an angel … I just looked at the video myself and saw comments there, a comment also about a woman laying in the clouds …
The video is a bit low res as it was sent as an email attachment …. it was nice to see this again though a Bröllop at Krägga Herrgård.

Modern Musuem

As a Stockholm wedding photographer I feel blessed, Stockholm is such a great backdrop for photographing weddings. One of the best places is the Modern Musuem , my last wedding was there . Catherine and Sam from Canada eloped to get married here in Sweden, the were so cool stories along the way . We started at the Grand Hotel Stockholm another of my favourite venues I have always loved this staircase.

wedding rings in Stockholm street

wedding rings in Stockholm street


Wedding Grand Hotel Stockholm

Wedding Grand Hotel Stockholm

At the moment there is a showing.
Reality Revisited
Photography from the Moderna Museet Collection
9 May – 20 September 2009
This exhibition presents a cross-section from the 1970s and discuss how photography then related to questions on form and content, subjectivity and objectivity, art and politics. Works by Larry Clark, Ralph Gibson, Irina Ionesco, Duane Michals, Melissa Shook, Arthur Tress and others will be shown. The exhibition will also present interesting series by the Swedish photographers Eva Klasson, Anders Petersen and Christer Strömholm.

Herb Ritts Wedding Style at Barberstown Castle

Too Cool for School teachers became line of the day ,teachers Dave and Laura wanted very modern wedding photography , the location Barberstown Castle in Straffan Kildare had a perfect spot a very Herb Ritts style look about it . Herb Ritts unorthodox photos, often in black and white, were incredibly influential and frequently seemed to capture aspects of their subjects with a strenght and beauty As the wedding photographer for Elizabeth Taylor’s seventh wedding, when the film star then aged 59 married a called Larry Fortensky, Ritts demanded £850,000 from Associated Press for the wedding picture. Not bad for LA photographer but for a wedding photographer in sweden Im sure that will not happen

Dave and Laura Wedding in Straffan Kildare

Dave and Laura Wedding in Straffan Kildare