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Children at weddings Yes or No

Children at weddings Yes or No, I vote yes. I call them the angels of the day. These are a few of my faves from last years weddings where children are allowed at weddings

Angels of the day

Angels of the day

A couple are complaining to the Church of England after their noisy toddler was ordered out of their wedding. But more and more couples are banning children altogether… risking the wrath of family and friends as they do.
All brides want their wedding day to be perfect – no rain, no family rows and no spots.
But what about noisy kids? While some believe youngsters add to the happiness of the occasion, others envision wedding vows drowned out by screams.
A vicar took a dim view of a toddler at a wedding service ordered his removal from the church. But it wasn’t any old toddler, he was the son of the bride and groom, who have complained to the Church of England.
One of the first dilemmas that bridal couples must grapple with is the guest list and invariably the “kids or no kids” question has to be answered.
We do more than 200 weddings a year and the last seven were all saying ‘no children’
Barry Long has been a wedding planner since 1974 and he says it wasn’t much of an issue until about 10 years ago. Now he estimates about half of weddings stipulate that children are not allowed.
“It’s definitely become more prevalent. We do more than 200 weddings a year and the last seven were all saying ‘no children’. I think it’s because children are more disruptive than they used to be and brides are worried they will ruin their day.”
The increasing use of video means that a potentially screaming child is viewed very differently now, he says, but it can cause problems. Close family members may stay away out of protest and some guests react badly when they leave their children at home but see other youngsters there.
“It can get really bad and ruin the whole day and that’s why I say to brides ‘if you’re going to do it, do it for everyone’.”

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  • Mats Almlöf

    April 22, 2009 at 9:04 pm


    Couln´t agree more, kids DO belong at weddings and brings joys to me as a photographer and to the guests!

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