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perfect wedding gift | a wedding robot

The perfect wedding gift a wedding robot  and guess what their website says ‘ The Wedding Robot can be custom-made to look like a family member.’  Wow do I want to photograph one of these for all Stockholm brides getting married in Sweden please ask for the Stockholm Wedding robot discount.  I may buy one as a wedding photographer in stockholm and have a nikon wrapped around its neck. This has shades of Cabbage Patch and Chucky going for it. LittleIsland’s Wedding Robot,

credit littleland

credit littleland

mainly supposed to be used in place of a welcome aboard at weddings, just gives me the spooks since the choice of a bridal costume calls to mind the jilted and tragic Miss Haversham in Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations.”

Nor do you need a scorned bride to spill secrets. This custom-made bot ( $2,500) will apparently respond to voices and, according to the site literature, freely share secrets of the groom to liven up the party. And don’t think you’re safe because it’s in Japanese. LittleIsland states it’s developing an English database for its bot in white. Pray this bride doesn’t start doing karaoke in its next iteration.

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