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Royal Wedding in Sweden

Everyone is talking about it,everywhere you look the news is Princess ‘to wed’ in 2010

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria is expected to announce her engagement to Daniel Westling on Tuesday, according to unconfirmed press reports.

The engagement of the princess, 31, is expected to be announced after Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt meets King Carl XVI Gustaf at a council at Stockholm’s Royal Palace at 1pm on Tuesday, according to Expressen.

If the reports are correct, a wedding would take place in the early summer of 2010.

The government must approve the marriages of senior royals, according to the constitution.

Reinfeldt’s spokesman Edvard Unsgaard confirmed that the prime minister would be attending the council, a regular meeting between the king and the government. Unsgaard would not say what was on Tuesday’s agenda.

“Regardless of what [is on the agenda], we would never say anything until after the event. On previous occasions, the King has asked the Prime Minister to inform him about the financial crisis, on another occasion it was environmental issues,” Unsgaard told news agency TT.

According to Expressen, Reinfeldt visited Drottningholm Palace, the King’s main home, on Sunday. At the meeting the King reportedly told Reinfeldt that an engagement was in the offing. Usgaard would not confirm that such a visit had taken place.

Daniel Westling, 35, is a personal trainer and owns a central Stockholm gym chain, Balance Training. He was born in Örebro, central Sweden, and grew up in Ockelbo, a town of 6,500 people on the east coast of Sweden. He met Victoria in 2002.

Who will photograph their wedding I dont know .. I havent recieved the call yet though .

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