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Stockholm Weddings remembered Vaxholms Kastell

Vaxholms Kastel

This has to be the wedding that started it all.  This Stockholm wedding held at Vaxholm Kastell was the first ever non English wedding ever published in a Wedding magazine. So this became the start of Stockholmweddings.

I had sent some fashion photos of models wearing wedding dress s from an icy lake  in Stockholm, to most of the english magazines.  All loved the photos. However  one magazine said  Ian we also do location shoots for our wedding dress s, but we prefer to go to much warmer climates.  But Sally Roebucks an art director said but we love your real weddings.

So I sent a whole collection of weddings, all had been photographed in Sweden. I remember laughing at one of the comments do you have any weddings that dont have a Johan, Ulrica or a Lena.  I said I had one English speaking couple Megan and Toby. An american New York couple that chose Stockholm for there wedding, Toby was born in Sweden, so they decided on Vaxholm Kastell .   Once Sally saw the wedding she said we have never used a non english couple but I love this wedding I must publish it.

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