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Stockholm Weddings whats hot [ ideas tips trends ] bridesmaids

Getting married in Sweden I dont think there is a worry here, The latest trend for weddings in the US among bridesmaids is that they are hiring personal trainers or attending bridal boot camps.

When interviewed about this, being very happy as a wedding photographer in Stockholm, I voluteered myself for anyone to come running with me, I run minium 6K a day, any bridesmaid or bride in Stockholm is welcome to join me. Sadly Stockholm Weddings wont be offering Bridal boot Camps as a service.

The wedding day comes after a lot of anticipation and preparation. The day is a special one for the bride since she has to look at her best on that day. Brides often go an extra mile to look their best for the wedding. The latest news is that the bridesmaids are also in a fitness spree to shape up for the big day.

                Ideas Tips Trends

Ideas Tips Trends

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