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Wedding Venues in Stockholm

Many asked what are the best wedding venues in Stockholm, bästa bröllopsplatser gifta sig Stockholm, well I have some faves I can share with you. As a wedding photographer I have chosen these locations because of the ability of taking great wedding photos. I have listed 11 of the best wedding venues for couples getting married in Stockholm, that I would recommend.

You may want to try this link on my site, where you can see a gallery of all the best Stockholm wedding venues, you can also see individual galleries of the actual venue and wedding photos taken on the day.  Click Here on the red text  Wedding Venues in Stockholm

Villa Pauli Stockholm Sweden

Villa Pauli Stockholm Sweden

Villa Pauli Villa Pauli a fantastic location 2 minutes walk away from one of Stockholms most popular churchs Djursholms Kapell, close to water with its own pier to greet wedding couples guests who have arrived by boat.

Hasselbacken Scandic

Hasselbacken Scandic

Hasselbacken a location on Djurgarden opposite Grona Lund. The wedding venue has the best balcony overlooking Stockholm and walking distance from the church on Skansen

Stallmästaregården Stockholm Sweden

Stallmästaregården Stockholm Sweden

Stallmastaregarden Stallmästaregården a wonderful venue for both a summer or winter wedding in Stockholm , run by Borje who must be the cooliest calmest wedding organiser in stockholm

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Grand Hotel Stockholm
Grand Hotel a flagship landmark of Stockholm in the middle of the city with views of the royal palace.

Ulriksdalswardshus close to ulriksdal kapell

Näsby Slott Näsby Slott ten minutes outside Stockholm an old naval academy excellent venue and location of many fashion shoots

Cedergrenska Tornet Cedergrenska Tornet with views all over Stockholm and archeligo

Görvälns Slott
Görvälns Slott an exciting new location with new owners very cool very retro

Djursholm Slott a very popular location that is very accomodating to wedding couples brudpar.

Berns Salonger Berns Salonger very cool location in the city of Stockholm

Elfviks Gård on the island of lidingo

Any wedding couples getting married ställen att gifta sig på in Stockholm wanting more info please contact us at for more info about our wedding planner or Bröllopskoordinator service. For wedding sites all over Sweden

Näsby Slott Bröllop

Näsby Slott

I travel for my weddings most of the time England , US , Greece . However across the street from me there is a wedding location a wedding venue called Näsby Slott . It is the old naval military academy in Stockholm . When I first started photographing weddings in Sweden I would photograph in the castle all the time . I have photographed for many fashion magazines there , so it was so great that this past weekend I had Benny and Maria s wedding there . Näsby viken is the location infront of the slott.

näsby slott bröllop

näsby slott bröllop

Stockholmweddings Bröllopfotografs Ian Johnsson

Näsby Slott | Stockholm Wedding recommendation

As a photographer I have photographed 5 or 6 fashion shoots for magazines in Näsby Slott , and many many weddings . Näsby Slott is a very special place for a wedding. Another cool reason to have the slott as your wedding venue is … its a two minute walk for me to get there. Näsby Park is suituated 10 minutes north of the city, many wedding couples that get married in Stockholm chose a boat trip to the castle , the castle or the slott is in Näsby viken

Historical Näsby Slott is beautifully situated by the water as i said close to Stockholm.A stay at this genuine Swedish Cultural Heritage site is enjoyable charming within its tranquil surroundings.

Näsby Slott was designed in 1665 by Nicodemus Tessin for Count Per Larsson Sparre. A fire destroyed the whole house apart from the foundation and the magnificent front steps. With the help of Tessins old drawings, Carl Robert Lamm rebuilt the manor house in 1902.

Today the castle is a popular resort for weddings and other celebrations.

fina platser för bröllop stockholm

10 fina platser för ditt BRÖLLOP i Stockholm

Best places to get married in Stockholm . Firstly I was struck by the headline, then read the article, does this mean brides and grooms in Sweden are choosing wedding venues and receptions to have their wedding ceremonies.
After reading the article I thought about my 10 favourites … not in order they would be Villa Pauli, Ulricsdahl, Näsby Slott, Opera Terace, Stallmastergården, Modern Musuem, Haninge Slott, Sma Dalara Gård, Grand Hotel, Millesgården, Cedergrenska Tornet, Berns … lastly just bought by new owners last year Gorvaln Slott, i went out there yesterday to do a preshoot check, a very cool wedding location in Stockholm.

10 Best places for your Wedding in Stockholm

10 Best places for your Wedding in Stockholm


Bästa ställen att gifta sig i Stockholm. Först slogs jag av rubriken, sedan läsa artikeln, betyder det brudar och brudgummar i Sverige väljer bröllop handelsplatser och mottagningar för att få sina vigslar.
Efter att ha läst artikeln tänkte jag på mina 10 favoriter … inte för att de skulle vara Villa Pauli, Ulricsdahl, Näsby Slott, Opera terrass, Stallmastergården, Modern Musuem, Haninge Slott, SMA Dalara Gård, Grand Hotel, Millesgården, Cedergrenska Tornet, Berns … slutligen bara köpt av nya ägare förra året Görvälns Slott, jag gick ute igår för att göra en preshoot check, en väldigt cool bröllop plats i Stockholm.