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Näsby Slott | Stockholm Wedding recommendation

As a photographer I have photographed 5 or 6 fashion shoots for magazines in Näsby Slott , and many many weddings . Näsby Slott is a very special place for a wedding. Another cool reason to have the slott as your wedding venue is … its a two minute walk for me to get there. Näsby Park is suituated 10 minutes north of the city, many wedding couples that get married in Stockholm chose a boat trip to the castle , the castle or the slott is in Näsby viken

Historical Näsby Slott is beautifully situated by the water as i said close to Stockholm.A stay at this genuine Swedish Cultural Heritage site is enjoyable charming within its tranquil surroundings.

Näsby Slott was designed in 1665 by Nicodemus Tessin for Count Per Larsson Sparre. A fire destroyed the whole house apart from the foundation and the magnificent front steps. With the help of Tessins old drawings, Carl Robert Lamm rebuilt the manor house in 1902.

Today the castle is a popular resort for weddings and other celebrations.

Stockholm Wedding Recommendation Ulriksdals Slottskapell

Ulriksdals Slottskapell was the church for a recent wedding. Its not of my top 5 intimate churchs for a wedding in Stockholm . No more than five minutes outside Stockholm, the surrounding area’s are perfect for wedding photography. As a wedding photographer Ulriksdals park always throws up nice surprises for great areas to photograph.

Ulriksdals Slottskapell Stockholm

Ulriksdals Slottskapell Stockholm


Ulriksdals Slottskapell was erected at the initiative of Charles XV in the 1860s when Confidencen. It was preceded by at least two other chapels, the first of which was furnished as early as the 1660s, when Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie took the castle. This chapel was housed in the castle’s northern wing, and built after drawings by Jean de la Vallée.
The chapel was decorated with the church furniture from Karl XV’s tome collections. This is particularly furniture from the Renaissance and Baroque. The solid interior adapted style wise for these furnishings.
Castle chapel is now used frequently to include weddings, confirmations church services, school closings and baptisms.

Krägga Herrgård | Stockholm Wedding preferred vendor

Krägga Herrgård is a Stockholm wedding preferred vendor. Im starting a series of preferred vendors. As a wedding photographer in Stockholm for the past 14 years I have lots of good ideas tips and help or brides and couples getting married here in Sweden. First Krägga Herrgård

Krägga Herrgård

Krägga Herrgård

Krägga Herrgård about a 45 minute drive outside Stockholm and Arlanda the present building in neoclassical style from 1840s and today Krägga is modern and comfortable but still inspired by traditional English and French interiors. Its salons , dining rooms offer a fresh and modern ambiance with careful details of today.