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Lifestyle Wedding magazine

There is another new swedish wedding magazine this one is called Lifestyle Bröllop.

lifestyle wedding magazine

lifestyle wedding magazine

Lifestyle magazine Malibu wedding photo

Lifestyle magazine Malibu wedding photo

There is a feature on the Champagne Group of which Im a member. The group was formed to raise the level of wedding photography in Sweden . The article is really worth reading it … an interesting paragraph questions to a bride would she choose a sheep shearer to do her hair, a house painter to do your makeup, or a sailmaker to make your dress … so why for weddings in Sweden, do swedish brides hire policewomen or taxi drivers to do their wedding photos In Stockholm there are plenty of great full time wedding photographers. Wedding photography is for a lifetime not the weekend, that is why I showed for the magazine a wedding photo from my first ever wedding in Malibu , 18 years ago.

Det finns en funktion på Champagne Group. Gruppen bildades för att höja nivån på bröllop fotografering i Sverige. Artikeln är verkligen läsvärd det … ett intressant stycke frågor till en brud skulle hon välja ett får Shearer att göra hennes hår, en målare att göra din makeup eller en segelmakare för att göra din klänning … så varför för bröllop i Sverige, göra svenska brudar anställa poliser eller taxichaufförer göra sitt bröllop bilder i Stockholm finns gott om bra fullt fotografer tid bröllop. Bröllop fotografering är för en livstid inte helgen, det är därför som jag visade för tidningen ett bröllop foton från min första någonsin bröllop i Malibu, 18 år sedan.

Weddings in Sweden new ad

This is the new ad for Weddings in Sweden. This really was difficult to do I wanted to show relaxed portraits, great photojournalistic reportage, emotion, with a touch of editorial fashion. Let me know what you think I would love some input. The text in lower case ian johnson photo does that work ? Or should it be Ian Johnson Foto for Sweden This ad will appear in Allt om Bröllop a great resourse for swedish brides.

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some top tips from celebrity weddings

Most couples offer their guests a favor as a thank you for coming to their wedding. They usually consist of candy or something monogrammed, but you don’t fall into this clichéd trap! Look to Hollywood and embrace a more interesting way of showing your appreciation for your guests. If you are marrying into another culture, do what actress Anna Chlumsky (“My Girl”) did and give away something that’s representative of the culture. In her case it was chopsticks. Other suggestions include giving female guests colorful bangles for an Indian wedding or candy apples if you’re from New York. It doesn’t even have to be culturally-inspired. It could just represent what you and your future husband enjoy. If you are into 80’s rock, give your guests
a CD of your favorite tunes. Make your wedding favors personal, and it will be more meaningful.

Apparently landscaping is the latest trend for wedding decorations. Instead of standard flowers for centerpieces, celebrity wedding planner Michele Rago says the new trends are bead-strewn crystal candelabras, potted herbs and even mushrooms. A landscaping theme might include, moss, pretty bowls or even something more rustic, like getting married on a ranch, as Jenna Bush recently did.

With the rash of reality shows that focus on dancing, i.e. “Dancing with the Stars”, it seems more people are taking their cue when it comes to their first dance together as husband and wife. If you want to make a serious impression at your reception (like singer Katherine McPhee did, complete with twirls and dips), then take your intended to a dance class and learn the waltz, fox trot, rumba or jive and dazzle your guests.