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Top award for Stockholm weddings

Top award at Högberga Gård  Wedding Bröllop Yesterday I found out that I was placed first in PDN’s contest . The photo had already been awarded twice, but this is the big one . It was for a photo that I took at Högberga Gård Lidingö last year . So thanks Darja, Dan and everyone at Högberga Gård who ran out with umbrellas … when this London rain came in at seconds notice .

award winning image at Högberga Gård

award winning photo at Högberga Gård

Top priset på Högberga Gård Bröllop Bröllop Igår fick jag reda på att jag var placerad först i PDN tävling. Fotot hade redan fått två gånger, men detta är den stora. Det var för ett foto som jag tog på Högberga Gård Lidingö förra året. Så tack Darja, Dan och alla på Högberga Gård som sprang ut med paraplyer … när denna London regnet kom in på sekunder varsel.


Bröllopsfotografen meets Bröllopsfotografen stilbilds fotograf

Fotograf Johan Paulin came to my studio today, our daughters play on the same soccer team together shall i say undefeated soccer team in their U12 and U13 series. Johan worked on the movie Bröllopsfotografen photographing the stills. I remember him telling me about the film when they were shooting. They were filming locally at Djursholms Kapel . The film is about a wedding photographer coming to Stockholm , check out the trailer

Vintage Wedding photographer

Im a vintage wedding photographer may be. Can I say I have been photographing weddings for fifty years. Looking through some old personal photographs I noticed this one from 1959 with a camera around my shoulder.ian-johnson-photographer-1959vintage-wedding-photography1

Im en vintage bröllopsfotograf kan vara. Kan jag säga att jag har fotograferat bröllop i femtio år. Tittar igenom några gamla personliga fotografier märkte jag här en från 1959 med en kamera runt min axel