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Mamma Mia Bröllop Stockholm

Mamma Mia Bröllop Stockholm

Wow-what a great moment in the church a Mamma Mia wedding. I had met the couple and knew exactly what they were about to do. As did 20 of the wedding guests that spontaneously starting singing and dancing. The wedding ceremony in Stockholm totally blew me away. The bride and groom sang to each other, which I could see were bring tears to the wedding guests’ eyes.

As a wedding photographer, I knew I had to be very quick and I would have no control taking photos when everyone singing and dancing. I had two cameras ready with two lenses.

We planned it that the 20 weddings guest that knew what would happen were sitting on the chair edges of the aisles.

You might have thought we of headed to the Abba Museum for the wedding reception, we didn’t we headed to the south of Stockholm to a Disney Enchanted Forest.

mamma mia abba

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Stockholm Art Wedding

The story behind the wedding photography.

I had the pleasure of photographing Anton and Erica’s wedding. It really was a special day. The day when Stockholm stood still, it was during the World Cup and Sweden were playing England. The streets of Stockholm were empty directly after the match. Ten minutes after this portrait session there were a lot of disappointed Swedish supporters.

The wedding ceremony and party were at Konstnärshuset on Smålandsgatan in central Stockholm. Konstnärshuset in English Konstnärshuset is a building in central Stockholm, which is owned by the Swedish Artists Association. It is used as an art gallery.

I will post a few more photos of this amazing Stockholm wedding in a few more posts.

If you are interested in some of Stockholm’s best wedding venues look at this link  Click Here


stockholm wedding

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wedding stockholm

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Wedding Planner Stockholm Mariella

I’m so glad Stockholm wedding planner Mariella Rietschel has used one of my favorite photos on her new website. We worked together on this wedding on the island of Gotland with a couple from Hong Kong. Gotland is a short boat ride away from Stockholm. The couple came all the way from Hong Kong to get married in Sweden. Their story even made local newspapers in Sweden and Hong Kong. Not only just a Stockholm wedding planner, Mariella and myself were witnesses to the wedding, the local photographer took the press photos that went around the world.

Mariella and I have worked on weddings for a long time together and can share some very fun wedding day stories. But all the time Mariella on the wedding day is so professional, really making her the best Stockholm wedding planner.

wedding planner stockholm