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Grand Hotel Stockholm Archives - Bröllopsfotograf Wedding Photographer Stockholm
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Grand Hotel Stockholm bröllopsmässan but here are the real couple

Grand Hotel Stockholm | bröllopsmässan

The Bröllopsmässan Grand Hotel Stockholm 2013 was on over the weekend. Anders and Paula had booked their wedding without knowing.

Other than me the wedding photographer, I decided not to bring my car and even try to attempt to park close to the Grand Hotel. Other than that their wedding day was perfect. Normally you will always hear people saying Congratulations as the bridal couple walk by.  However with 20 models walking around with wedding dress s you can excuse the public at the Grand Hotel Stockholm for not doing it.

Here are a few faves from the day, I met Anders in the lobby of the hotel  the first thing he said to me was Ian Im so hungry I must get some food, so I must say I was a little shocked seeing him starting to eat his shoe, as we started the portrait session.

My fave of the day Paula looking at Anders seconds before they were to see each other for the first time and the second fave of the day the emotional real embrace afterwards.


'' stockholm winter weddings ''

Grand Hotel Stockholm again

Grand Hotel Stockholm again , yes I was there at the hotel for a wedding last month . This time it was Anders and Charlottes turn to get married at the Grand . This time the weather was kind to the wedding photographer thank goodness .  With winter weddings you always must do a lot of extra planning and we did exactly that.   Everything did work out perfectly and I love the wedding photos.

The wedding ceremony was held at Hedvig Nora in Ostermalm , for winter weddings there cannot be a better church in Stockholm , its not bad for summer weddings aswell .  The car that took the couple away ( I will get all the details of this classic car ) I had photographed for a magazine years earlier , I loved it then  but loved it even more now.  The Grand Hotel has its own car waiting outside for guests we used this service to get to the view of Stockholm 5 minutes away.

'' stockholm winter weddings ''

'' wedding classic car ''

'' Grand Hotel Car ''

Grand Stockholm Bröllop

Grand Hotel Stockholm höst bröllop

Mitt senaste bröllop jag fotograferade var på Grand Hotel Stockholm i oktober. Det var en underbar höstmorgon med klar luft och sprakande höstfärger i träden men .  Stockholm är verkligen vackert på hösten. Det var Alex, en tysk brudgum och hans svenska brud, Joanne som var dagens brudpar. Bröllopsgästerna har flugit in från hela Europa och ceremonin planeras till efter lunch, ljuset var perfekt för fina bilder. Min plan var att få några porträttbilder utomhus med Stockholms slott i bakgrunden, en perfekt inramning till brudparet som med stor förväntan sett fram mot denna dag.

Höstväder kan dock vara nyckfullt vilket jag skulle få erfara, precis innan jag var framme började molnen hopa sig och de första regndropparna föll. Detta regn höll sedan i sig hela dagen och utomhusbilderna blev snabbt ersatta av ett arrangemang inomhus. Eftersom jag följer hela bröllopet och festen efteråt saknas det inte tillfällen att få en personlig touch på bilderna som mina kunder i efterhand är väldigt tacksamma för. Det är nästan den roligaste delen av att vara Bröllopsfotograf, när brudparet upptäcker alla de små detaljerna i bilderna som blir minnen för livet. Bröllopsfotograf är verkligen ett yrke med upplevelser i centrum.

Grand Stockholm Bröllop

bröllops blommor

Grand Hotel Stockholm

I have been meeting couples for upcoming weddings , many are choosing Grand Hotel for their wedding in Stockholm, it really is one of my favourite locationsreception-venue-grand-hotel-stockholmgrand-hotel-stockholm1 perfect for Destination Weddings in Sweden  any time of the year . Just one look at the staircase you can see why .


The Grand Hôtel has a long and fascinating history. The hotel was built in 1874 by the Frenchman Régis Cadier and has since been a well-known landmark in Stockholm,its splendid location, opposite the Royal Palace by the water makes it a fantastic venue for a destination wedding in Sweden.To see more great locations in Stockholm click here on this link