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bröllopsbilar or a wedding car

bröllopsbilar or a wedding car The same goes for the sign ‘ Just Married ‘ or ‘ Nygifta ‘ when you have a swedish groom and an english bride its all about compromise , it was no different for this weeks wedding in Stockholm . With England also under a blanket of snow this weekend there was no difference . I love this shot from the weekends wedding.

rocknroll bride

rocknroll bride Great news the famous blog rocknroll bride has featured one of my weddings . This really was a great wedding a cool couple that wanted their wedding photography to have a statement , as a photographer its great to have couples like Chris and Becci . We immediatly click so any stockholm brides that want a cool retro or vintage look please mail me

Please take a look at Rocknroll bride for the wedding here featured and inspiration ideas for cool weddings
click here rocknrollbride
brllop-sfotograf-stockholmrocknroll bruden Goda nyheter den berömda bloggen rocknroll brud har presenterat ett av mina bröllop. Det var verkligen ett stort bröllop en cool par som ville ha sitt bröllop fotografering för att ha ett uttalande som fotograf dess stora att ha par som Chris och Becci. Vi klickar genast så att alla stockholm brudar som vill ha en sval retro eller vintage look maila mig
Ta gärna en titt på Rocknroll brud till bröllopet här presenterade och idéer inspiration till coola bröllop
Bröllopsfotograf Stockholm Ian Johnson

coffee table book season

coffee table book season

I love this time of the year , the weather in Stockholm is always a little cold and a bit of snow always helps weddings. But now its coffee table book season . The books come from Japan so take a while to get here , but are certainly worth the wait Camilla Lackberg and Martin Melins book just arrived I just received a lovely note from Camilla
We have looked through all the pictures now and theyre wonderful! So happy we went for the best photographer! 😉
/The Melins