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Stockholm Bröllop 2016

Bröllop 2016

Ett giftermål är en av dom största och vackraste händelserna i många människors liv. Därför är det så viktigt att dokumentera det på ett bra sätt. Letar ni efter en bra bröllopsfotograf i Stockholm har ni hittat till rätt ställe.

Vi är tillgängliga för att fotografera ert bröllop i Stockholm från och med 2016. Många par som gifter sig väljer att låta bekanta fotografera bröllopet. Ofta har personerna ingen professionell erfarenhet och bilderna blir också därefter.

Bröllopsfotograf StockholmGör inte samma misstag med den kanske viktigaste händelsen i era liv. Hos oss får ni ett professionellt bemötande och en modern stil på bröllopsbilderna. Allt detta för att ni ska få ett vackert minne för resten av livet.

(c) Bröllopsfotograf Stockholm

bröllop 2016

A Wedding at The Grand Hotel Stockholm Truly a Grand Experience

Wedding at The Grand Hotel Stockholm

One of the most beautiful places you can have your wedding reception in Stockholm is definitely The Grand Hotel Stockholm. Being right in the heart of the Capital of Sweden, it is the perfect place, perfect for a Stockholm wedding, perfect for a wedding photographer. A venue where you can gather your family and friends and celebrate your day with true luxury, which presents a truly grand experience. Not only are the staff extremely professional,helpful, they are able to organize anything for you with a personal touch for your Stockholm wedding.

Wedding Photography at the Grand Hotel

At the end of the day, as my expertise lies with wedding photography, one of the most vital features of a wedding venue is the backdrop presented, which further enhance the creative professional notion of what wedding photography is all about. That being said, capturing the weddings at The Grand Hotel Stockholm is seamless. Why is this Stockholm wedding venue one of my favorite locations?. Well for one this prestigious hotel provides the perfect setting for wedding photos. Moreover, as it is located in the center of Stockholm it provides ease and access to the Old Town or nearby parks for additional wedding photos with a mesmerizing backdrop.
For wedding planning the hotel has Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C all within 100 metres of each other incase bad weather or the time on the day has slipped away. What do I mean by that you may ask ? Plan A …. For wedding photography alone we should have a plan for all weather situations that may arise. Say Plan A was to take wedding photos close by where we have trees or a back drop of Stockholm. If we cant go outside because the weather is that bad, there are a few Plan B areas to photograph in at the Grand Hotel.

The wedding venue setting

While there is a dozen of other wedding venues in Stockholm and the area, The Grand Hotel is nonetheless the perfect setting for anything from a close-circle gathering to a truly fairytale-like grand event. With a variety of banquet rooms and options, you even have the choice of three magnificent views – Gamla Stan Old Town, the Royal Palace the world famous City Hall. However, the uniqueness of the venue is not what makes the weddings at The Grand Hotel Stockholm as wondrous as they were.

wedding venue table settings
Wedding Planner at The Grand Hotel Stockholm

Furthermore, with their dedicated Wedding Planner Coordinator, you can rest assured that your wedding at the Grand Hotel Stockholm will be as seamless and as stress-free as it can get. What lets you have a truly magnificent experience is the staff of the hotel. Giving their special personal touch, you will be able to avoid all the stress that comes with the planning of your wedding reception and leave it in the safe hands of the helpful staff of the hotel. From the seating plans, to the table décor and amazing wedding flower arrangements, the staff of the Grand Hotel Stockholm is able to provide you with everything you need and further assist you with the rest of your planning.

Hotel Stockholm

The Grand Hotel Stockholm Venue Review

If you want your wedding to be speak luxury and prestige, the Grand Hotel Stockholm is able to provide you with the perfect experience. with years of experience and hundreds of weddings that have been held at The Grand Hotel Stockholm, you will have nothing to worry about.
Their chefs are able to tailor a special menu for your wedding occasion and their connoisseur’s choice of fine wines and champagnes is more than enough to surpass the luxurious expectations, which come with the name of the hotel. Being a perfect venue for almost any occasion and with a highly experienced staff, which can help you every step of the way . It is one of my top suggestions to everyone, who wants to have a truly magnificent wedding.

Any questions about the Grand Hotel Stockholm or anything wedding photography related please contact me.

Planning a wedding in Stockholm

Planning a wedding in Stockholm

While it may not seem the most obvious setting for an overseas wedding, the Swedish capital of Stockholm has a lot going for it. Using a Stockholm wedding planner or not some tend to think of Stockholm as always being a little cold, thus an ideal setting for a winter wedding, but with the sun shining eighteen hours a day on this beautiful city in the summer months it really is sublime. Not as hot as some destinations like Greece or Italy granted, but every bit as stunning,  and Sweden has the land of the midnight sun. So your Stockholm will have some sunshine.

There are plenty of stunning locations around Stockholm to give you a Scandinavian dream of a wedding. From the ancient to the ultra modern, the choice is yours. Having a wedding planner take you around is one way at looking at venues Villa Pauli is a beautiful venue owned privately.  Located just 10 minutes outside Stockholm, this venue offers all types of rooms and due to its décor coming courtesy of a famous artist it’s a wonderful wedding setting.

If your ideal Stockholm wedding location is olde world, rustic and by a glorious lake then check out  Stallmästaregården.  Literally on the edge of Stockholm,This glorious treat is the home of Princess Victoria and the whole setting with the lake and grounds is a photographers dream. Getting the royal seal of approval for your wedding doesn’t happen very often but is the order of the day at Stallmästaregården.

There is an ethereal feel about the Villa Källhagen which makes it perfect for those seeking an informal wedding that is very much back to nature. Located by the sea, the photographic opportunities here are endless, absolutely gorgeous. The tranquil outdoor setting has to be seen to be appreciated, and there’s even a chance for a bit of star spotting as ABBA’s Benny Andersson lives just around the corner.

The photographer

To make the most of these venues and show them off to their very best in your album nothing less than a top end photographer will do. The people, the settings, the light, the moments all need to combine to create an album of magic.  When holding your wedding in such a  venue as one of the above the essence of the day must be captured in both formal and informal shots. Having been the photographer of choice for many an overseas wedding I know what I’m talking about. You only get that once chance to capture your wedding day and if it is ruined mistiming the light or choosing the wrong spot then there is no way back unfortunately.


This is no more complicated than getting married in any other country, and much more easier that some! If you don’t speak Swedish chances are you will be using a Stockholm wedding planner to take of the details. One of their key roles is guide you through the legal side and the fact there are no residency rules regarding weddings the whole process is pretty straightforward. it is a very straightforward process when it comes to planning your dream wedding in Stockholm.