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He Googled I Blogged

After having photographed weddings for 17 years now, a first happened at Rachels and Toby’s my latest wedding. Toby had forgotten the paper with the reading for in the church. So with modern technology, outside this very old church Toby ‘ googled ‘ on his Nokia Leonard Cohen Lyrics ‘Dance Me to The End Of Love’. John you can see is reading from the phone the lyrics on top of his hymn book … and I of course now ‘blogged it’ and soon it could be a podcast !

why not have more reportage photos

Thanks for the tip Paula and Jan, why dont I show more real life wedding reportage photography … you are right i do love it .. or them So from this weeks wedding I have picked out some photojournalistic shots. One was during the getting ready stage a little Italian girl was taking up the brides mirror I ahve five or six shots where she was adoring herself. The second was inside the church i love the casual pose of the priest and bride while she was signing the register, and lastly a shot from where i feel i recieved more rice nd confetti in my left ear than the bridal couple recieved …. and mum if you are reading this ‘its a great shot of you stuffing confetti down Dans shirt ! ‘

my last visit to Kragga Herrgard

This weekend I go back to Kragga Herrgard, the last time I went there it was an swedish english wedding, now its a Finnish american wedding. It was published in a few fashion and wedding magazines, the main shot is one of my favourites of all time , walking through the apple orchards there, just look at the sky. This wedding had so many great little ideas, double click on the image and see them.

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