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alternate royal wedding in sweden

The Swedish royal wedding in Stockholm of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling is one week away . But there is an alternate wedding in Sweden on June 18th. PotatoPotato a Malmö-based art network decided to be apart of the royal wedding fun and organise their own mass wedding under the theme kinda cheaper, not as good and with a twist you wont know who you are marrying until the day the hopefuls will not know whom they will marry until the day PotatoPotato are a network of artists in Malmö . This wedding photographer would love to be there.
So you want to get married but could not decide with whom? Let chance to do it for you when PotatoPotato arranges a wedding for the people on 19 June 2010.
But the happy days do not last forever. The very day after the wedding the couples go their separate ways again (the divorce papers are signed when registering). If there is any couple that really takes a liking to each other, they can always remarry!
Registration takes place at or days at enrollment to be held in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm in late April and early May. Wedding Guests must register.
For legal reasons, ONE HAS TO BE OF SWEDISH NATIONALITY to participate in the wedding. However, one can always come as a guest.

Vinterviken Bröllop : Winterviken Wedding

Vinterviken or Winterviken on their website they have both. But what a great location to have a Bröllop/Wedding . Well it used to be called called Vinterviken then the old Nobel factory 1891 but now its Winterviken owned and run by Markus and Erika Aujalay and offers possibilities for all kinds of weddings ,events and parties. What an incredible day … Saturday the sun just shined and shined as did the bride and groom Mans and Abear. Both international travellers met in London but grew up 21km from each other in Lund and Malmo …. so why not travel to Stockholm for a wedding. Guests from around the world arrived battling the ash cloud and the British Airways air strike.

Stockholm : swedish royal wedding

Sweden’s King Carl will walk his daughter Princess Victoria, down the aisle to the altar at her wedding to Daniel Westling on June 19th, the Royal Court has confirmed. The swedish church that also opposes kissing in the church are opposing this .This has been criticised by the Church of Sweden who has said that the practice is not Swedish but this is the family’s wish, according to the Royal Court .

“This is a state ceremonial event with great symbolism, not an ordinary marriage. It is Sweden’s king who is escorting the heir to the throne to the altar,” she said.
Traditionalists and feminists are fighting against what is widely viewed in Sweden as an American tradition exported by Hollywood !!

In Sweden they are used to the couple walking side-by-side to the altar as a demonstration of their equal standing in the proceedings and in life. The practice of giving away the bride from the father to the husband is widely regarded as outmoded and sexist.

But the Royal Court has rejected it pointing out its a family tradition.The king’s sister walked to the altar with her grandad, as their father was no longer alive.

Stockholm wedding photographer award

Another award winning wedding photo from a wedding in Stockholm. This was a winter wedding. We all know what this winter was like very cold with a lot of snow. The wedding photo was special in another was way it was Anna Le Moine and Mattuis wedding Anna won the gold medal at the winter olympics for curling .
The award was from the ISPWP International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers
You can see more of their winter wedding here

wedding photographer stockholm redue

Stockholm weddings has two sites and here’s the blog . There is always that includes all international weddings including Sweden Im always putting the latest wedding photographs on here , so this wedding photographer decided to do something about it , so here is the new portrait wedding page.

Stockholm wedding photographer portrait page photos

Stockholm wedding photographer portrait page photos